Quiet Village (now T&T Marine Aquarium)

I’ve driven down this street countless times and never noticed this sign for Quiet Village. This pretty well-hidden sign has  been layered over and over with different business names, now all faded and peeled away. Still readable is the name Mario’s Place, the word s’BARBQ‘ and ‘STEAKS‘. It now operates as T & T Marine Aquarium. There’s nothing I can see that suggests what I was told stood here: a motel called Quiet Village.

If you were on Second Street, you’d see this sign with it’s double yellow arrows.

And if you’re on First Street, you’ll see this one with a different form of an arrow.

What is amazing is how quickly history disappears: Big event and grand buildings get remembered and recorded, but our everyday history and architecture can be forgotten so quickly. No one at T&T Aquarium could tell me how old their sign was, or what had been there before. On Second Street, the auto shop next door had heard the Quiet Village was once a hotel…

If you have a postcard, a matchbox, a story connected to Quiet Village, I’d love to hear it!


969 S. 2nd St.

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  1. Tom Colla April 20, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    By the Way….It was called Arturo’s Quiet Village and it was a restaurant and bar, not a Motel…..

    1. Suhita April 20, 2018 at 6:46 pm

      thanks Tom: do you know where I can find out more about that? all info i’ve seen this far calls it a motel, but if that’s wrong, i’d like to find out more!


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