Carriage Square Shopping Center

The Carriage Square Shopping Center sign from the 60s  aims at capturing the romance of an earlier era. It’s rare to find three-dimensional signs like this one still standing, and in pretty good shape. Which makes me think someone ( thank you!) must work on maintaining the sign. Straw Hat Pizza was the business that occupied the top of this sign for ages. But by the time I got to sketching it, Rookies had replaced it.

The oldest business in that plaza now is probably Three Flames Restaurant from the 80s.

I just had to draw this second sketch with the Christ the Good Shepard Lutheran Church on the other side of Meridian. The acute-angled roof on that church (vaguely reminiscent of the fast food chain Wienerschnitzel’s architecture) makes a lovely contrast to the curved lines of the Carriage Square sign.

At the intersection of Meridian and Hamilton.


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