Elite Cleaners

When I sketched this sign in 2014, I knew it wouldn’t be around for long. The property had been sold and the laundry was moving to a new location. I asked at the laundry what would become of the sign when they moved, and they were really amused at the question and at why I’d want to know about an old sign. Turns out it stayed and got transformed into a sign for downtown Willow Glen. For those of you that only know the new sign here is a shot I took that afternoon just as I finished my sketch.



There’s something about the chunkiness of the slab-serif font that ‘ELITE‘ is spelt out in that really works on this sign. I miss that in the new and more contemporary sign. Luckily, the best part of the sign, that flamboyant arrow, stayed, so a landmark lives on in it’s new avatar.



Do you know more about the original sign? The exact year it was installed, perhaps? Or who the first owners of the laundry were? Leave a comment, or use the contact page to write in.

LOCATION: At the corner of Willow Street and Lincoln Avenue in downtown Willow Glen.


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