Sputniks Donuts

If I took you to Supreme Donuts, in a little strip mall where Foxworthy Avenue meets Almaden Expressway, you’d wonder why I’m intrigued by the place. Just a regular, sleepy donut joint right? Well, look up at the sign above it. Yeah, I guess it’s a vintage donut sign.


But hang on a minute, step around to where you can see the back of that sign and see what it reads.


Sputniks Donuts? A sign that’s from the Cold War Era named after the U.S.S.R’s famous satellite? A satellite that, to quote NASA “marked the start of the space age and the U.S.-U.S.S.R space race”? There just has to be a story there. But it’s one I can’t get to the bottom of. And that’s where I’d love your help.

Do you know more about this intriguing sign? Or do you know someone who might? I’d love to find the story behind it.

LOCATION: (Now Supreme Donuts) 1093 Foxworthy Ave, San Jose.

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