Public Auto Wholesale

Scattered all over San Jose are remnants of really interesting signs, often at car sales lots. When businesses change hands many times, the origins of these signs are often lost.


I don’t sketch them all, but this one is a beauty. (For the record, Public Auto Wholesale is still in business at this same lot) Sketching the sign on a rainy overcast day certainly helped. Look at that car on top of the sign. And I just love the arrow. Those spikes at the top of the sign that should keep the birds away? Not a bad idea, but I saw a couple of birds come and perch down for bit before taking off again…

1480 W San Carlos St

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  1. Annie November 13, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Suhita, I have long been neglectful in telling you much I appreciate and look forward to your sharing of your sketches, always! And today’s, the rain, the minimal b&w, the fading away, your observation of the birds that won’t be sacred off, well, they brought joy. As always. You inspire me – we have some signs around here, too, for heaven’s sake!

    1. Suhita November 13, 2017 at 9:55 pm

      Annie, thank you for writing in: i’ve learnt so much about San Jose just from sketching these signs: I’ve been to parts of the city I would otherwise never go to, researched the history of the city to find out more, made really lovely and interesting friends and now I’ll be putting these together in a book and an exhibit at History San Jose… it’s been an amazing experience.


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