Zorba the Greek (and Guido’s)

In the Dick’s Center complex on South Bascom Avenue are  two decrepit signs: A large, bold one encased in a faux-pediment for Zorba the Greek and a smaller handpainted sign on wood for Guido’s.

With a name like Zorba the Greek, you’re expecting to hear colorful stories about this restaurant. Plus, the sign promises Greek, Italian, Armenian and Continental cuisine.



However, not much is known about the origin of Zorba’s except that it was formerly Dick’s Dragon Restaurant and was billed the “Largest Most Elegant Chinese Restaurant in the World.” (Once again, for all stories related to San Jose’s architectural history, I turn to Heather David’s flickr feed.)

So many sites on South Bascom Avenue are slated for redevelopment. But for now, these signs still stand…

1350 South Bascom Ave.


2 Comments Zorba the Greek (and Guido’s)

  1. Nancy Waldron November 7, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    In the 1960, we used to go to Zorba’s for dinner. They had belly dancers as entertainment while you ate dinner. I remember thinking it was weird to have dancing around the tables while you ate. It was Greek cuisine.

    1. Suhita November 7, 2017 at 9:16 pm

      Nancy, that sounds quite exotic.And even grander than the Zorba was the Chinese restaurant that stood there before it!


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