Mr T’s Liquor Locker

If you, like me, thought there might be a connection between this store’s name and the famous Mr. T, then that makes us both wrong.
Mr. T was the original owner of this Willow Glen landmark.

I couldn’t find out much more about this really fun¬†amoeba-shaped sign or the history of the store, so if you know anything, write in and let me know.


900 Lincoln Ave


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  1. Armybeef68 December 17, 2019 at 1:27 am

    OK, now I’m not an expert on the origin of the store, or the name, but I know it doesn’t come from the actual Mr T, but I can tell you about my history with the store. I used to live at #51 Lester Ave back in the 70’s, it’s two streets down from the Mexican grocery store, which actually used to be called Lincoln Lane, the interior now is totally different than it was back than, but man, that place was expensive. Oh, and that store is across the creek from where I used to get my comic books, usually 25 cents for the full intact copy, 10 cents if the back was torn, 5 cents if the front was torn and $1 for the good books behind the counter, like Mad Vs Mad, but that place smelled like Grandma’s attic and the main area had floors that were bowing so bad you actually felt like the entire building was going to fall into the creek. Anyways, so lived on Lester Ave, it’s the street that the funeral home is on, in fact one of my friend’s dad used to be the funeral director. It was my mom and I who lived at the complex, and while sitting at the pool one day she started talking to a female that was recovering from surgery, and a lifetime friendship was born. The year was 1973 and it was her, her daughter, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s son, we were all around the same age and we became the best of friends. They lived there for a couple years before moving away, of course we kept in touch, heck, we went over there pretty much every weekend, and it was the same tradition every weekend, it was either my mom getting something or when Sue came over she’d get something, but I’d hear the same conversation on the phone every weekend, “I’m going to Mr T’s, do you want me to get something?” or “Did you want me to get something at Mr T’s?” And it would always be something like Fritos and bean dip, soda for the kids, and booze and ice for the adults. The store has burned down at least three or four times but has always rebounded, and has always kept that same exact sign. Every time I see that sign or hear that name it always brings me back to my childhood, a time where I played football in the street, baseball in the park, where I bought my hot wheels at the hobby store on Lincoln Ave, explored Bergmann’s Department Store, and saw movies at the Garden Theater. Willow Glen has always been my home.

  2. Lew Tester June 8, 2020 at 7:44 am

    I lost touch with my Dad at an early age. So I don’t remember a lot about him. But I was told he started this store. His name was Amos Lewis Tester.

    1. Suhita June 9, 2020 at 7:44 pm

      Thank you , it’s great to know that.

  3. Lew Tester June 8, 2020 at 7:46 am

    I lost touch with my Dad at a young age. But I was always told he started the store his name was Amos Lewis Tester


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