The Place (aka Kevin’s Place)

Researching vintage signs means I talk to people and look through newspaper clippings and websites to try to dig up stories connected to places. I don’t often find what  I started out looking for. But that doesn’t mean I don’t find interesting (and sometimes baffling) tidbits of information.

This sign simply reads “The Place”. Look carefully: Do you will see that little painted image on the wall under the sign? It’s a pretty sloshed man in a suit, lying in a martini glass.

On the front of the bar is an interesting claim of this being “The longest Bar in San Jose“. When you open the door of the bar and wait for your eyes to adjust to the light, you’ll see it literally means that the bar runs from First Street, where the bar is located, the the very back of the space, which hits Second street. Is it truly the longest bar in San Jose? I don’t know, but that’s a good claim to paint on the front of your bar.

Here’s another piece of history that I’m hoping someone that understands skateboarding culture can explain to me:
Probably unbeknownst to the owners, this dive, formerly known as The Place, was immortalized in skateboard culture by long-gone Sonic Skateboards. Sonic used the dive’s signage art as one of their brand incarnations. Anyone over 30 who used to get around on four polyurethane wheels will recognize the sign and stop in.Source: This piece in the MetroActive on dive bars in San Jose)

And if you love dive bars and haven’t visited this place yet, here’s one last piece on information that might lure you in there. (from a Yelp review): The Place has the longest Happy Hour I’ve ever heard of: 6am to 3pm for $2.50 pints!”  Are you there yet?

1058 S 1st St


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