Sherwood Inn’s Green Bull

Sherwood Inn sits in Lincoln Glen Center, home to some great signage including the very intriguing Sputniks Donuts . The bull has been green for all the time I’ve seen it (In 2014 it was repainted a fresh, grassy green) but I’ve heard of it having been black and even pink (although I can’t trace any photographs to confirm this).

Cow and Bull Statues are pretty prevalent in roadside architecture around the country as  you can see if you search the pages and pages of photographs you can find on the website. Can you tell I’m rather fond of this bull? I’ve drawn him quite a few times. He dates back to at least the mid 1960s. This is hm in the original green color.
And here he is again, post 2014, in a new, fresher green color.vintage_greencow_sherwood_inn_sm1

If you know more about this bull, or might remember him in different colored incarnations, drop me a line, I’d love to know more!

2988 Almaden Expressway

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