Stephen’s Meat Products

Perhaps no sign in San Jose is as beloved to people in the city than the Dancing Pig ( with a bowtie) that belonged to Stephen’s Meat Products. He may not dance anymore, and he barely survived the demolition of the Stephen’s enterprise in 2007. Like the Center Paint Store this sign bears the ZEON label, a label only seen on the best vintage neon signs.

The sausage plant was built in the 1950s when Santa Clara Valley was dotted with farms. Stephen Pizzo founded Stephen’s Meat Products, which sold sausage and cuts of meat slaughtered by independent butchers. The pig now stands by this parking lot and while he survived that first demolition, he may be in danger of falling apart purely from neglect.

105 S. Montgomery St.

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  1. Market Street Journal January 20, 2018 at 12:02 am

    I pass by this one all the time and was curious about the history. Now I know. Thanks. If Google does break ground downtown this sign may end up disappearing for good – so thanks for capturing this piece of history.


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